What We Are

The Neurodiversity Employment Network is:

A network anyone can be a part of.

Our members share their knowledge about neurodivergent inclusion and promote empowerment in the workplace.

A place to bring together existing organizations working in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Our network promotes organizations to communicate and collaborate with one another.

A central hub of activity around neurodiversity employment in Greater Philadelphia.

Our network shares information about available resources, organizations, events, and more.

How You Benefit


Learn more about neurodiversity and how to support neurodivergent employees.

Connect with other employers and neurodivergent advocates to learn proven methods for inclusion.

Expand your capability to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within your workplace, particularly as it relates to neurodivergence.

Universities and Educational Organizations

Learn more about neurodiversity and how to support neurodivergent employees and students.

Connect with other educational organizations and employers to create connections for internship and job opportunities.

Neurodivergent Job-Seekers

Find companies and organizations that can be helpful in your job search or career trajectory.

Share your knowledge to advance neurodivergent inclusion.

Neurotypical Allies

Learn more about how to be an effective ally, coworker, manager, or direct report to neurodivergent colleagues.

Join in the movement toward advancing inclusive employment practices in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Meet the Team

Executive Director

Learn more about Laura Sibbald, M.A., CCC, SLP, ASDCS, CYMHS.

Board Members

Learn who led to the creation of the Neurodiversity Employment Network.

Advisory Board

Meet the neurodiverse voices behind the team.

Web Development Team

Learn who maintains the Neurodiversity Employment Network’s place on the web.

Our Story

Neurodiversity Employment Network: Philadelphia traces its roots back to 2018, when Microsoft held the Autism at Work Summit in Redmond, WA. While browsing the list of attendees, Craig Single (then Vertex Inc). sent Cherie Fishbaugh (West Chester University D-CAP) an email to meet up at the summit. During the first networking event, Cherie introduced Craig to Peg Monaghan (then SAP), in which Peg introduced the group to Joe Riddle (Neurodiversity in the Workplace), who in return acquainted them with Tom Needham (Hill Top Preparatory School).  

The newly formed Philadelphia group stuck together through the summit and was determined to continue the conversation locally upon their return home. From this desire, the Neurodiversity at Work Eastern Working Group, a group of dedicated professionals passionate about inclusive employment, was created. The leadership team grew to include Ryan Hammond of the Eagles Autism Foundation, Jose Velasco of SAP, and Amanda Radcliffe of Vertex Inc. Over three years, the group gathered people on the East Coast in meetings at Vertex Inc., West Chester University, Hill Top Preparatory School, and virtually with the help of the Eagles Autism Foundation, to continue the conversation about what more could be done to improve employment outcomes for neurodivergent people.

In early 2021, the group was officially registered as a non-profit, now known as Neurodiversity Employment Network, with the mission to be a network connecting employers, academics, providers, vendors, job seekers, and other allies in the Greater Philadelphia region supporting one another to enable neurodivergent individuals to gain meaningful employment. Over the years, we have grown to welcome new Board Members and new Advisory Board Members who help shape our work!

Today, Neurodiversity Employment Network: Philadelphia continues to stick to its original mission of continuing the conversation around employment for neurodivergent individuals through hosting quarterly events, welcoming new organizations into the conversation, facilitating collaboration, and serving as a central resource for neurodiversity employment in the greater Philadelphia area.