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The Neurodiversity Employment Network Web Development Team is a group of advocates and professionals who design, develop, and maintain the Neurodiversity Employment Network website. The team’s members take into special consideration the best practices for designing websites used by neurodiverse populations.

Melanie Schwartz headshot

Melanie (Mel) Schwartz

Front-End Developer

Mel Schwartz is an autistic fourth-year Professional Studies major studying web design, music production, and psychology at West Chester University. She is currently an Ambassador for the Dub-C Autism Program (D-CAP) at West Chester University and the autistic consultant for the HYPE Program run by SPARC.

Dan Swift

Web Development Team

Dan Swift is the Director of Web Communications at West Chester University. Beginning in the web space nearly 25 years ago, he continues to have a strong passion for demolishing digital barriers and improving website accessibility. When not working or spending time with the family, he enjoys writing music, listening to podcasts, and taking in an occasional sudoku.

Web Development Team Emeritus

Julia Gallagher