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Please note: Neurodiversity Employment Network: Philadelphia does not endorse certain organizations or resources over others. Inclusion on this page does not necessarily imply endorsement, nor does exclusion imply a lack of endorsement. We encourage you to explore the resources listed and determine which may be best for you and your career goals.

Hire Autism

Hire Autism is a free program led and run by the Organization for Autism Research (OAR). With an active jobs board and by offering resources for employers and job seekers alike, Hire Autism aims to expand opportunities for autistic individuals and serve as a continuing resource for them in their workplaces.”

CAI Neurodiverse Solutions

CAI Neurodiverse Solutions builds innovative business solutions that create rewarding careers for the neurodiverse community.

The Precisionists, Inc.

“The Precisionists is dedicated to creating jobs for individuals with disabilities, such as autism, in all the markets it serves.”

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Neurodiversity Career Connector (NDCC)

“[The Neurodiversity Career Connector] enables candidates to discover job openings and connect with a breadth of employers and position types.”


Inclusively is the technology-centered professional network and employment platform. Our modern recruitment process connects job seekers with disabilities, mental health conditions, and chronic illnesses, to inclusive employers committed to providing needed workplace accommodations.”


Mentra is a neurodivergent-friendly talent platform that intelligently matches neurodiverse individuals with employers that value their strengths. Mentra puts recruiters in front of candidates rather than forcing them to navigate through the challenging process of finding a job.”

Integrate Employment Advisors

“As an autistic jobseeker, you’ve worked hard towards your education and can be a valuable contributor to an organization ready and willing to embrace your differences, one that understands those differences and can enhance what you bring to the job.


Specialisterne USA works with businesses to help them integrate people on the autism spectrum, or with other neurodiversities, into their workforce.

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Neurodiversity in the Workplace — Candidate Database Form

“Based on your answers regarding your education, experience, skills, and interests, you will be considered for employment opportunities with companies who are interested in supporting a neurodiverse workforce.