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Advancing with neurodiversity at work: Inclusion and expansion

September 12    |    11:00 AM 12:00 PM EDT

Businesses, government organizations, and most importantly, neurodivergent individuals, are realizing the importance and long-term success of neurodiversity in the workplace. As these initiatives mature, inclusive hiring practices are now deemed essential, and with that, ensuring a supportive infrastructure is in place. From interviewing techniques to relevant job requirements, effectively integrating neurodiversity into a company’s culture is crucial.

However, as growth continues and employment practices evolve, the change that comes with it might be met with some hesitation. Experts are in agreement that clear communication, training programs, providing a 360-view of what the role entails, and an over-arching picture of the working environment will ensure continued success for the employer and the employee.

In this 60-minute webinar, our guests will share their knowledge and expertise speaking on topics such as:

  • What comes next for neurodiversity employment programs
  • The advancement of neuroinclusive ecosystems
  • Expanding roles for employment opportunities and the impact on the neurodiverse community
  • How we measure success with neurodiversity initiatives
  • Employment in the public sector and potential barriers to entry

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