Women with ADHD in the Workplace Webinar

February 28, 2022    |    11:00 AM 12:00 PM EST

There’s a lot to admire about ADHD: the creativity, the empathy, the persistence, and the unique abilities it offers many individuals. For those reasons, people with ADHD can be an asset to any company.
Awareness about women with ADHD is increasing in the workplace. Having a neuroinclusive workplace is becoming an expectation in many industries, and creating a functional workspace with diverse talents and needs can help companies in achieving their business objectives.
In this webinar, we will be discussing:
  • Why ADHD traits can at times be a superpower in the workplace, and how to recognize strengths in your neurodistinct colleagues
  • What ADHDers want from their employers, and how to build a neuroinclusive workplace for all thinking styles
  • Proven success stories from neuroinclusive workplaces